Baba Babee Skazala Speakers & Workshops

The primary goal of Baba Babee Skazala has always been to make the life stories of this amazing group more accessible and understandable to younger generations. We are excited to be a part of your events that will help achieve this goal!

Topics We Can Speak About

  • 📽Storytelling & Creative Advocacy

  • 🎞Filmmaking: multicultural & multi-generational teams

  • 💪Overcoming Challenges: Individual & community resilience

  • 🏡Finding Home: responding to displacement - “history repeats itself” & why that matters

  • ❓Let us know what you want to discuss

Speaking & Workshop Packages Available

We can provide workshops, speaker sessions, Q&A's with filmmakers or interviewees, or interactive workshops on topics like film making & recording family histories. Maximize your screening experience with a live speaker, Skype Q&A, or by adding a workshop.

Each event is unique and we will work to pair you with the speaker most relevant to your audience and goals.

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We believe in the power of storytelling & sharing oral histories to transform perspectives.


Mobilizing the power of film, digital media and community-based interactive experiences, we inspire people, encourage empathy & resilience, and increase understanding of history and the refugee/immigrant experience.