On the Road in the Mile High City - Oral History Interviews in Denver


Wherein, I am reminded to

"Go West, Young Man!" 

(I leave the dispute as to the attribution of this quote to Horace Greeley or John B.L. Soule to others.)

It has been awhile since Kitsune’s first venture to Denver, Colorado for our initial round of interviews, but it’s still fresh in our heads. We greatly appreciated the hospitality of our special soon-to-be interviewee, Pani Maria Figlus and her son Ihor Figlus. Not only did they make us feel right at home, but they helped coordinate our contacts with potential interviewees in the Denver area, which really streamlined our work. The first interview really hit our hearts and immediately told us that we were going to hear some really intricate stories while we were in Colorado. 
We met many wonderful individuals: everyone had a story that was absolutely memorable, so be sure to check them out in our film! Each one remembered and visualized differently which reminds us how each story is like a jigsaw piece in the larger history puzzle, and all are crucial to our understanding of that history. 
It was a blessing to meet and enjoy lunch with our interviewees - they were all very welcoming and excited to speak with us. We had a great trip to Denver, and this trip also opened the door to a return trip as our vision of the film develops. There is still so much to learn from these individuals, and we look forward to returning to hear more memorable stories and enjoy the sunny Denver climate!

As I mentioned in the Florida Interviews Blog Post, please don't limit yourself to "Baba Babee Skazala" for the stories of this amazing group of people. I encourage you to read and listen to the stories others have recorded, including some of our interviewees. Get a copy of:

Savage, Ania, "Return to Ukraine," Texas A&M University Press, TX: 2000.